About this website
We've had the RebeccaAndStephen.com website for many years and now use it mainly for our family photos. There are a lot of sites that people use for sharing family photos and I appreciate all those ways (and use quite a few of them) ...but not everyone wants to sign up on a site or join a group to enjoy seeing photos of their family. I scanned the old photos to preserve and share the family legacy.

If you have comments or corrections, or would like to contribute your own images, please feel free to email me or join one of the family groups on Facebook.

Use of the images on this site
For permission to use any of the images on this site please contact me by email. I'll be happy to share high-resolution versions for your personal use.

Permission to modify images from this site
Minor modifications such as changing the size or resolution is fine, major modifications such as digitally inserting or removing elements of the photo, or modifying in such a way as to make it a derivative work, require my express written permission.

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Family groups on Facebook:
Cohen Family Circle
Rosenbaum Family Circle
Snyder Family Circle